Pan set-up:  Contestants start with a ten inch (10”) metal miners' pan filled and leveled with a dry, screened sand.  Eight (8), real gold nuggets (Approx.. Size of a small, flat pea) are placed evenly on the sand with one (1) in the center and the other seven (7) equally spaced around it and halfway between the center and the edge of the pan.  The gold is then pushed into the sand to the depth of one inch (1”) and covered and leveled with more of the same sand.

Goal:  Contestants must remove all material except the gold by panning with water provided in the panning box.  Contestant with the fastest total time, including penalties if any, is declared the winner.

Time Limit:  For all adult divisions time limit is 1 min.  For divisions for ages 8 and under limit is 3 min and for 16 and under limit is 2 min.

Time Penalty:  A ten (10) second penalty is added to final time for each nugget “lost” out of the pan.  Total time including penalty going over the time limit for that division will result in a disqualification.

Sand Penalty:  As much sand as possible must be removed.  Sand remaining in the pan which will cover the entire surface of a “bb” shot, that is, if the actual surface cannot been seen when shaken to the corner with the sand will be considered a “dirty” pan and will result in a disqualification.

Gold Penalty:  The same three (3) judges checking the sand will also be in charge of counting the nuggets.  Contestants must finish with at least four (4) nuggets in the pan or the result will be a disqualification.

Timing:  There will also be three (3) judges with timers indicating to the hundredths (0.01) of one second.  Time will start with the contestant touching the pan and the pan-loader/starter will blow his/her whistle.  Time will not end until the contestant gives some kind of verbal indication of being done (yelling for example but not limited to:  “Time” ,“Gold” or “Done”):  The three timers will then add the three times and take the average by dividing by 3 for an official panning time before adding penalties if any.  Even when done, if no verbal indication is given time will continue until it is given.  Nothing more can be done to the pan by the contestant once the indication has been given or will result in a disqualification, including hands remaining on the pan, they must be off when indication being given.

Panning Order:  Panning order for all divisions will be determined in an advance drawing by a member of the World Panning Championship Committee (WPCC), with the exception of the top three placers of the previous year, with the defending champion going last, 2nd place going next to last and 3rd place before that.
Rules and Regulations
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World Open Gold Panning Championships
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54th Annual
World Open Gold Panning Championships
4th Annual
Gold Rush Open Gold Panning Championships
2nd Annual
Gold Rush Kids Gold Panning Championships
Sunday, October 16, 2016
At the Historic Dahlonega Gold Museum
On The Dahlonega Public Square
Dahlonega, GA

Schedule of Events
Gold Rush Kids - No Entry Fee
Gold Rush Open - $15
World Open - $15

Enter prior to contest... compete in both the Gold Rush Open and the World Open for $25!
Entry Fees subjuct to change

Any age can compete!
Anybody can watch!

World Open Gold Panning