The Dahlonega Consolidated Gold Mining Company was reported to be the largest gold mining operation east of the Mississippi River at the turn of the century.  During a clean-up in 1901, more than 54 pounds of gold were recovered from ores processed in the expansive 120 stamp mill.
The mines have undergone an extensive two and one-half year excavation and are now open to the public.  Tours of the actual mine as it appeared at the beginning of the 20th century include:

Additionally, we offer the experience of panning for gold. Knowledgeable instructors assist guests in this age-old endeavor.  A souvenir shop with many items, including various rocks and minerals, is located at the entrance to the mine.  Parking and restroom facilities are ample and the location is ideal.  Situated inside the city limits of Dahlonega, just off the connector of 52/9/19/60, the Consolidated Gold Mines are an exciting way to relive the Georgia’s 1st and 2nd Gold Rushes.
Also if you've been here before but not in awhile, we now have an on-site gem cutter.  After you mine your own gems see our expert cutters and something made from The Gem Studio!
Consolidated Gold Mine has been a proud sponsor of the Annual World Open Gold Panning Championships since 1992.
Dahlonega is rich in history.....

Authentic 19th century buildings (many are listed on the National Register of Historic Places) circle the Dahlonega Courthouse now the Dahlonega Gold Museum, which houses exhibits and features a film presentation that tells the history of old discovered here.  Shops on and off the square offer fine antiques, Appalachian crafts, unusual gifts and much, much more.  Dahlonega is famous for fried chicken and “country vittle” family style and there are several fine, full-menu and fast food restaurants, sandwich and ice-cream shops.  Don’t forget to ask about panning for gold in this area!  There are several places in and near town where you can try your own luck and “finding color.”  There really is “gold in them thar hills!”
Consolidated Gold Mine
185 Consolidated Gold Mine Rd
Dahlonega, GA 30533
ph: 706-864-8474
Inside Consolidated's 120-stamp mill under construction, c. 1899
Beginning Construction of Consolidated's massive milling complex. c. 1899
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Consolidated's abandoned stamp mill showing elevator house behind on hillside.  c. 1930
World Open Gold Panning