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World Gold Panners Hall of Fame
In 1976 the Gold Panners Hall of Fame was established to honor those who have contributed most to the advancement of gold panning as a past-time, spectator sport as well as a true art.  Nominees for the Hall of Fame may also be considered for their skill, records, feats and loyalty and integrity to the gold community they live in as well as other parts of their state, country or world.  Nominations for induction can be made up until March 1st of each year.

Recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records
Over the years the same tools (pans, gold nuggets) have been used to ensure its consistency and fairness in the event a record might be broken under the same circumstances that it was set - the main reason for being the only contest of its kind to be recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records.  Also, it is the only true “World Open Championships” when others around the world are only known as “World Championships.”  For the past couple of years, due to space permitted in the Guinness Book many records have not been listed if they haven't been broken in awhile.  As of right now the only divisions recognized by Guinness are the World Open and Ladies World.  It is in the works now for having the Men's World submitted, thus getting the other divisions once again listed.

Guinness Book submission:
The fastest time for panning a set number of gold nuggets (8) in a 10 inch metal miners pan leveled with sand in the World Open  was recorded on October 17, 2010 at Dahlonega, Georgia in the 48th Annual World Open Gold Panning Championships by Johnny E. Parker with a time of 7.52 seconds.  The Ladies World Record was set at Dahlonega in the 32nd Annual World Open Championships April, 21 1994 by Desiree Kelley of Cisco, Georgia with a time of 8.30 seconds.  The Mens World Record was also set at Dahlonega in the 42nd Annual World Open Championships April 2004 by Johnny E. Parker of Dahlonega, GA with a time of 7.15 seconds. 
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The World Open Gold Panning Championships began in 1961 to commemorate the discovery of gold in Southern California March 6, 1842 by Francisco Lopez at Placerita Canyon.  The World Open was founded by Glenn and Dorene Settle at their famed Tropico Gold Mine in Rosamond, CA.  When the Settles retired in 1980 they began their search for the perfect site to carry on the tradition.  They began by looking at places such as Karl’s Hotel/Casino in Sparks, Nevada and Knott’s Berry Farm near Los Angeles, California.  In 1988 with the sponsorship of the Dahlonega Jaycees the event made its move to the historical town of Dahlonega, Georgia where it has been held since.  At the beginning, to help kick off the yearly tourism season the contest was held in April at various locations like the Mountain Music Park (1988 and 1991), the Bank of Dahlonega parking lot (1990) as well as the Park and Rec fields (1989).  Since 1992 the Consolidated Gold Mine has played host and co-sponsors to the event.  In 2009 Consolidated Gold Mine, sole sponsors by this time, moved the event to October during the Annual Dahlonega Gold Rush Days Celebration in hopes that it would generate more interest.  Though it helped some, it was not the "big bang" as hoped.

The Consolidated Gold Mine, after long debate and negotiation, would now like to announce that the 2013 World Open Gold Panning Championships will move to the Dahlonega Town Square. 

The general manager of Consolidated says "I believe that it will be very beneficial to the survival, promotion and expansion of this contest. And what we do with it this year will be fresh and new and will help set precident for future contests."

Julie Parker
Dahlonega, Georgia

World Gold
Panning Champion

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